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August 2021

August brought us many new faces and new opportunities! As we continue to grow, we are excited to find new ways to provide valuable representation to our community. Thank you to our HK team for always finding solutions and lending a hand to potential and current clients.

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July 2021

July brings exciting celebrations and new beginnings as our team of certified family law specialists, associates, and staff continue advocating for our clients and assisting our community. As our team continues to grow and learn from one another, we look back at HK’s unforgettable moments, appreciate the present ones, and look ahead to the future.

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June 2021

We graciously welcome the beginning of summer and the ability for more of us to physically return to the office! We have adopted a post-pandemic hybrid working plan, whereby some employees work remotely, some share a physical space part time, and those willing are situated at our 12,000 square foot headquarters. Our cohesive teamwork truly does make the dream work, and the HK employee culture is back in full effect with free Friday lunches, in person mentoring and talent development, attorney strategy sessions and special celebrations. In addition to continuing to provide legal services via Zoom, we are also now able to meet clients in person, conduct live depositions and conduct private settlement conferences in our conference rooms.

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May 2021

It’s a great day at HK. From celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to advocating Mental Health Awareness, there are various ways to make a change one step at a time.

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April 2021

There is never a mundane moment at Hoover Krepelka, LLP. From incoming projects to welcoming new hires, April has been challenging us to reinvent the everyday into an adventure.

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March 2021

March has brought innovative experiences and opportunities to HK. We celebrated the team’s milestones with a glass of sparkling apple cider and savored sweet ice cream from our friends at Craft Belly Delights in honor of National Employee Appreciation Day. Because of moments like these, we look forward to an optimistic future.

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January 2021

It is a hopeful new year and a time to embrace new leadership and make commitments to make a positive impact in the world we live in.

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December 2020

While most of us are working remotely, our elves have continued with the HK tradition of making our office feel festive for the holidays. We can’t wait until 2021 to gather and celebrate with everyone in person!

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November 2020

As 2020 has introduced unprecedented challenges for all of us, now is the time to be thankful for all the opportunities we do have. We are truly grateful that Hoover Krepelka, LLP, was able to quickly adapt to this year’s sudden remote and social distanced working conditions while at the same time expanding our roster and resources to accommodate the increased demand for divorces during COVID-19. We have been operating under the mantra, “Tough times don’t last, tough teams do.”

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October 2020

October is Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Resources

Click below to download a comprehensive list of resources to reach out to if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence.

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September 2020

Welcome to the first official Hoover Krepelka newsletter! Since we are not able to visit with you personally during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be reaching out monthly to help you stay connected.
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