Could Social Media Posts Hurt My Divorce?

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Social media mistakes can lead to embarrassing consequences for your social or professional life. At worst, you could lose friends or your job. However, you could also make mistakes on social media during your divorce. Depending on the nature of the mistake, you could seriously harm the outcome of your divorce case. Common social media mistakes during divorce include:

  1. Harassing or bashing your ex-spouse. You should never use social media to bash your ex-spouse, even if you are using the maximum privacy settings. Your ex-spouse may have mutual friends who can see the posts. Depending on the post, you may even face legal consequences.
  2. Revealing too much information about your finances. Certain posts may increase the financial costs of your divorce. Posting photographs of new purchases or information about a raise could effect alimony or child support payments.
  3. Making irresponsible posts. Do you frequently check in at clubs or bars on Facebook or other apps? Certain posts could be used to establish a narrative that you are irresponsible. These posts may negatively affect a child custody hearing.
  4. Allowing friends to share your activity. Many social media sites allow you to tag or share posts about your friends. There are cases where these features could harm your divorce case. For instance, being frequently tagged at bars if you are in the middle of a child custody dispute.
  5. Sharing too much information in general. You could face legal consequences if your posts contain information that is at odds with what you have said in court or conveyed on legal documents. A good rule of thumb is to assume that anything you post can be seen by the judge.

There are other social media mistakes we did not list. If you are going through a divorce, it is imperative to practice extra caution on social media. Always listen to your attorney’s recommendations on how to handle social media during your divorce.

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