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Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney

Nearly everyone knows someone who has suffered through a nasty and drawn out divorce  – and others who have been through the process without many issues. The difference between a divorce and an amicable one depends on numerous factors, including the individuals involved, what might be at stake.

In theory, it’s that simple. Although, completing the process on your own is not. The legal process for obtaining a dissolution of marriage is confusing and the court requires documents and agreements to conform to certain legal standards. Vital matters such as how your children will be raised and division of property are issues that you should certainly consult a licensed attorney about.   

If you are searching for a divorce attorney, it’s critical that you find the right one for you and your circumstances. If you want the assistance of a lawyer and still want to keep your dissolution of marriage civil, hire an attorney that will support you in that approach. You meet with one of our divorce attorneys, they will work with you with your goals in mind, and in zealous pursuit of your best interests.

Unfortunately, some divorce attorneys are as aggressive as possible, so if your spouse hires a divorce attorney like that, you may have to be more aggressive in your approach that you desire. Under these circumstances, the process can drag on and on, costing you more money than necessary. That is why we work with you in an attempt to make the process as smooth as possible.

Divorce Involving Abuse

If there is any type of abuse involved in your divorce, you need the assistance of divorce attorney that is experienced in cases involving domestic violence. In these situations, you may need to file for a restraining order and have other protections put in place to keep the abusive spouse from interfering with your judgment and physical wellbeing.

Contact Our Divorce Attorney

When you retain a Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP divorce attorney to petition for, or respond to a dissolution action on your behalf, you can rest assured that your case is being handled by one of the most experienced, respected, and effective divorce and family law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of our long and successful history representing divorce clients, we can take some of the uncertainty out of divorce proceedings and discuss with reasonable certainty what you can expect to happen in your case.

Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary one-hour case review with one of our Certified Family Law Specialists. We will listen carefully to your concerns, discuss legal options and outline a strategy to help meet your goals. Contact our divorce attorney today at (408) 389-7099.

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