What expenses do spouses often forget when requesting spousal support?

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Many spouses put their careers on hold to make a move to a new area to support their husband’s or wife’s career ambitions. Others do so to care for their kids during their formative years.

Spouses who do this must often rely on the other spouse’s income to sustain themselves. This is often why they have no other choice but to request spousal support as their marriages come to an end. They must do so to ensure an adequate transition back into self-sustenance.

One challenge many spouses who end up requesting spousal support face is determining the amount to request. There are some expenses that you should not forget when making a demand.

Expenses you shouldn’t forget when requesting spousal support

It can be challenging knowing how much things cost if you are not in control of your household’s finances. You may have difficulty envisioning how cash withdrawals, tips and other random expenses add up.

Tracking biannual or annual expenses, e.g., auto insurance and property taxes, may also be challenging if your spouse controls the finances instead of you.

Another expense that can get forgotten is gifts. Your budget for these may vary depending on the recipient and occasion.

Purchases made using a corporate credit card may also be difficult to track, especially when you are not receiving the monthly statement.

Coming up with a fair accounting of your expenses

Most spouses do not pursue a divorce on the spur of the moment. Instead, they usually ponder it for some time before filing. This gives you ample opportunity to begin accumulating your receipts, compiling bank statements and logging other expenditures that you have. Information like the aforementioned can prove invaluable as you craft a demand for the spousal support award that you need to begin your newly-single life.

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