3 Surprising Reasons Why You Might Lose Child Custody

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In family court, the judge might award joint or sole legal or physical custody to the parents of a child. Should you lose legal or physical child custody, your visitation might become limited. If you’re facing a child custody battle in court and are afraid of this possibility, you should know about these three reasons why you might lose child custody.

Child Abuse

California law makes it clear that physical child abuse is appropriate grounds for someone to lose custody of their child. In addition, child abuse is the number one reason why parents lose child custody. Child abuse can be physical as some abused will use hands, feet, or objects like belts to strike the child. Some of the abuse can be disguised as corporal punishment, but many of these abusive actions cross the line. This violence can result in injuries that include:

  • Scars
  • Bruises
  • Burns
  • Broken bones

Child Abduction

Depending on the severity of the abduction, the California court can decide that a parent guilty of child abduction will temporarily lose or completely lose custody of their child. Of course, there is a difference between a parent taking a child from one California county to another and returning the child when they realize they’ve made a grave mistake, versus a parent taking their child out of the country and refusing to return. The court will take this difference into consideration before making its decision.

Child Neglect

Child neglect might be a little harder to prove in court, but you could lose child custody if neglect is proven. Neglect occurs when a parent fails to act and take care of their child. Lack of care can include failing to:

  • Feed the child
  • Bathe the child
  • Clothe or groom the child
  • Provide safe or sanitary living conditions

If you have been falsely accused of any of these above actions and are afraid you’ll lose custody of your children as a result, call the family law attorneys at Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP. We will listen carefully to your concerns and discuss your legal options to help meet your goals.